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7 Compelling Benefits of a Flat Organizational Structure

Flat Organizational Structure

The organizational structure you choose for your business says a lot about your company and yourself. So it’s important to consider the industry you are in before you start structuring your managerial infrastructure. 

But of course, many business organizational structures aren’t chosen; they simply come into form. A lot of times the nature of your business and your clientele will dictate how you structure your staff. And for as far back as most people can remember, tall organizational structures (ones with multiple echelons of management personnel that trickle all the way down to entry-level employees) have dominated the business landscape.

But a new organizational structure is emerging and turning a lot of heads for good reason: flat organizational structure. But what is a flat organizational structure? In essence, a flat organizational structure is any business or corporate staffing structure with little to no middle management tiers. Flat organizational structuring more or less does away with the hierarchical method of layering different degrees of managers on top of one another to oversee different levels of staff. They essentially put as little space between the executives and employees as possible.

What Company Has a Flat Organizational Structure?

Some of the most successful companies in the world employ a flat organizational structure to great success. These companies include:

  • Nike
  • Facebook
  • Squarespace
  • General Electric
  • Zappos

Of course, with huge multi-national companies like the ones mentioned above, special modifications to the flat organizational structure need to be implemented. But the spirit of the flat organizational structure remains intact to be sure. And one of the driving forces behind flat organizational structures that work is an innovative staff capable of critical thinking and decision making. With fewer management hoops to jump through, a flat organizational structure depends on staff to more or less manage themselves. This comes with a great many advantages…

What are the Benefits of a Flat Organizational Structure?

First and foremost, a flat organizational structure encourages staff to be more independent which has a good amount of side benefits that we will get into shortly. But right off the bat, if you decide to go with a flat organizational structure, you will automatically be considering more qualified staff members, thus upping the value of your workforce. 

You aren’t going to want inexperienced staff or employees that exhibit no initiative to man your flat organizational structure. So the quality of your staff becomes the first benefit of a flat organizational structure. Here are more:

1) Project Success

As Forbes points out, a company with a structural hierarchy sees less high-quality projects through to the end. When an important company project needs to be distributed among and filtered through many levels of management, the purpose and aim of the project get distorted. The finished project may not be what the company as a whole had intended at all. Flat organizational structures are more suited for project success because the message of various projects is preserved better among leaders and staff.

2) Company Savings

Middle and upper management types usually command a high salary. But in a flat organizational structure, the upper and middle management staff is minimized which can save the company a tremendous amount of money. 

3) Encourages Employee Development

When employees are entrusted with more duties that would typically be reserved for managers in a traditional staff structure, they feel more vested in the company and the company’s success. This encourages employees at all levels to take on more responsibility and increases their value to the organization as a whole.

4) Better Company Culture

In a typical flat organizational structure, when a project is not going right, it gets taken out of the hands of a staff member or team. While this is always discouraging, it breeds a better culture than micro-managing and telling employees what to do, which is what typically occurs in a hierarchical organizational structure. It also allows for coaching opportunities for employees who show and enthusiasm and aptitude for the work. 

5) Everyone’s Voice is Heard

Because projects in a flat organizational structure are a team effort, more people’s voices get heard in the decision-making. This makes more staff members feel valued as opposed to thinking that the manager directly above them conveyed their good ideas to the higher-ups without giving them any credit.

6) Creativity and Collaboration

Creativity and collaboration are not only encouraged in a flat organizational structure; they are vital. This kind of culture hones the staff’s ability to effectively communicate with one another and breed creativity naturally – without having to shove it down people’s throats.

7) It’s Progressive

Flat organizational structures are seen as progressive. Companies who use them are more attractive to the massive millennial workforce that is looking to break free from conventions and Draconian corporate structures.

Learn More From DFW BIZ Pros

Running your organization is a challenge. But by empowering your employees to have a voice, you can reap long-lasting rewards. Every company has a different philosophy, but learning the best structure to implement is a major component of success in the year 2020. We hope our list has shed some light on this topic for you. For more resources become a member of DFW Biz Pros.

5 Advertising Techniques for Dallas Business Owners

Advertising Techniques Blog Cover

One of the most interesting things about the dominance of digital media is that it evens out the playing field for businesses. The reason big companies were the only ones that could afford large and consistent ad space in the newspapers of old was because that ad space was limited and therefore expensive. But those days are gone and internet space is near infinite – which is a good thing if you are a small Dallas business owner but only if you are savvy about your digital advertising strategy.

Infinite advertising space can be a double-edged sword because while you can have as much of it as the big guys, getting buried by the vastness is equally likely. In other words, the internet is so vast that your website can easily become obscured. But there are some proven advertising techniques tailored for the digital age and in this blog post, we are going to go over them with you. If you want help with digital marketing and advertising for your Dallas-based business right now, contact us here at DFW Biz Pros.

1) Building Brand Trust

Brand trust is what will keep you afloat when the competition starts to ramp up around you. And brand trust is one of the most valuable commodities your business can possess. Brand trust is also of critical importance to consumers in this time of economic instability because everyone wants to make sure that every penny they spend is going towards a quality product or service. 82% of U.S. consumers will stick with a brand they trust even if newer ones are gaining in popularity. So how do you build brand trust? One of the most effective ways is through good customer reviews. Customer reviews, in general, have become the new digital advertising standard so make sure you are requesting them as often as possible. 

2) Start a Dialogue

Nowadays, it isn’t enough to simply have a Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram for your company. You have to follow up. Online conversations have become a form of advertising in the digital age. If you are afforded the opportunity to engage and start a dialogue with potential customers, you have a sterling opportunity for advertising. Of course, it all starts with posting quality content on your social media platforms. When someone comments, shares or likes your content respond to them with an engaging question or simply thank them for sharing. Be sure to respond to comments in a timely manner and maybe even set specific guidelines for social media responses that you and your employees can follow.

3) Optimize for Mobile

In 2019, 2 billion people used their mobile devices to conduct some sort of online transaction. And that number is only going to rise as smartphones become faster and accessible to more people around the world. So one of the most important advertising techniques in the modern age is making sure your mobile site is up to snuff. Making sure your actionable buttons are sized for people’s fingers, keeping images formatted for mobile, streamlining your code, and making sure that your pages load quickly on mobile formats are all necessary for effective mobile advertising.

4) Focus Locally

This technique is specifically for brick and mortar businesses or businesses with a local focus on the Dallas Fort Worth area. Including the city and state where your business is based on the metadata of your site is very important if you want to show up on local searches. And just to give you an idea of how frequently local searches are performed consider this statistic courtesy of Social Media Today: 46% of all Google searches have local intent. Local SEO should, therefore, be one of your focuses. Things like including long-tail keywords with your city and state and using geolocation services are good ways to implement a local advertising strategy.

5) Reach Out to Bloggers

You may have already heard that posting blog content on your company’s website is good for SEO and advertising. And that’s true. If you have a blog that already draws in a lot of traffic and leads, congratulations. You’ve accomplished something that many business owners struggle mightily with. But if you are not seeing the results you would like from your blog efforts, you may want to consider reaching out to some influential bloggers who already have a large following. If you can, offer sponsorship or request that they mention or recommend your product or service. Working with established bloggers can get your name out to a ton of people.

Get Professional Advertising Help

Last but not least, you can become a DFW Biz Pros member to have immediate access to professional resources that can optimize your local advertising campaign and help make your business more profitable. For more information on becoming a member, get in touch with us.

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