How to Brainstorm a Business Name

Brainstorm a Business Name

So you’ve got your business all planned out. You have your supplier, you have employees and a solid model. But what about a name? The fact is that a lot of business owners leave naming their business to the last minute because there are so many other pressing matters to attend to. But choosing an effective business name is just as important as offering an outstanding product or service. Inc eloquently explains how your business name is the first thing people see and it makes an impression on customers. Your business name also represents an opportunity for you to tell your customers what you’re all about. 

But everyone goes into a business venture knowing exactly what they want to call their company. So today, we are going to be helping the burgeoning business tycoons out there who are struggling with conjuring up a name for their company. In the following post, we are going to be detailing some brainstorming tips for coming up with an effective and unique business name. If you would like more help or resources for your business, feel free to get in touch with us here at DFW Biz Pros. In the meantime let’s go over some tips to help you brainstorm a business name.

Play Word Mashup

We had a client who managed an event/workspace near Dallas. She owned the space and rented it out to startup companies who needed temporary office space, people looking for a space to host a cooking class, corporations that needed space for team building events, and the like. We loved the name she gave her business: MuchRoom. 

It was a play on the word “mushroom” but it also excellently conveyed what her business was all about. By mashing up a couple of different words MuchRoom immediately evokes a tangible image in the customer’s mind while at the same time suggests that the space will be adequate for whatever event or purpose. Not only that, but names like MuchRoom also automatically afford branding opportunities. As you can imagine that particular client’s company logo was a stylized mushroom. 

The great thing about mashing words up is that you can take an image or idea that is already established and make it into something that helps sell your business.

Think About Nicknames

A lot of business owners struggle with coming up with a company name because they feel they are not creative enough. But even if that is the case, creative forces are all around you. For example, did you grow up with a nickname? If so then someone else has already done the creative work for you. Use an appropriate nickname or common family name for your business name. You can tweak the nickname so that it tells your customers what your business is. 

When you brainstorm a business name with your partners, employees or whoever is helping you in your endeavor, try going around the room and asking everyone if they had a nickname growing up and if so, what it was. You are likely to hear some interesting names that get your creative juices flowing.

Consider Language

Did you know that 43% of the population is bilingual? That means that there is a good chance that you or someone helping you brainstorm a business name knows more than just English. Think about what your business is and what it does. Come up with a handful of words in English that sum up or relate to what your business does. Then translate those words into a foreign language. This is another great way to draw inspiration and you don’t have to necessarily commit to the direct translation. Again, you can tweak the foreign word a bit to make it more creative, evocative, or just easier for Americans to pronounce.

Using foreign words as your business name is a great way to elicit intrigue and curiosity about your business in the minds of your customers.

Utilize Acronyms

This is a super simple way to brainstorm a business name. Try taking the first letter of your first name and your partners’ first names. You may immediately come up with an acronym that gracefully rolls off the tongue. 

Acronyms are also a great way to stylize and shorten a company name that you already have in mind. For example, Jared and Sons Plumbing can be shortened to JAS Plumbing. The owners of this business could get a bit crazy and draw inspiration from that acronym and call their business Jazz Plumbing. In any case, toying with different is at least a good jumping-off point.

Include Pets

There are more pet lovers out there today than ever before and many brands use their pets for their company name or as a mascot. Think about the names of your cats, dogs, fish birds or whatever kind of pet you have. Again, you don’t necessarily have to use the exact name of your pet as your company name but you can play with it until it matches the nature and feel of your business. 

You don’t even have to use your pet’s name at all. Just think of how your pet acts or what makes him/her unique. Come up with a few adjectives that describes your pet’s personality and see if anything sticks. And who knows? You may find it favorable to use a picture of your loveable pet as your company logo. Who isn’t drawn to a cute picture of a dog or cat?

No matter what brainstorming exercise you use, remember that your business name should be memorable so that you stand out in your customers’ minds. And have fun with it. Brainstorming could be a very enjoyable practice. Remember that creativity and inspiration are all around you. These are just a few tips to help you brainstorm a business name but if you want more resources for commercial success, contact us here at DFW Biz Pros. We are committed to our community and eager to help grow your business.